American and British experts in MoD Administrative Complex

With a serial visit the U.S. and British members of the expert group on November 30 met with the First Deputy Minister of Defence D. Tonoyan and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Major General L. Mnatsakanyan.

Defense Ministry’s press service reported that the experts informed the high-ranking officials of the Defense Ministry about the consultative process of the visit, presented considerations to find specific solutions to comply progressive experience in the field of personnel management with local conditions and the reality of the Republic of Armenia.

During the meeting they discussed the allocation of functions and responsibilities of professional sergeant and officer staffs, monetary allowances of professional sergeants, staff sergeant selection, rank and promotion, and providing opportunities for educational issues.

Why is Azerbaijan silent?

“I am afraid that not only all the political experts, but also politicians do not clearly understand what is the Eurasian Union.” said political expert Alexander Markarov.

“The content of the Eurasian union has economic elements,” said the politician, adding, that if it is more beneficial to the economic possibilities, than the use of bilateral relations, then it is acceptable, but if there will not be any advantage, it is not advisable.

Alexander Markarov also stressed the importance of the process of European integration, which, according to him, it is on the level that it is impossible to slow down or stop. “The supreme directions are clear, we simply need to be able to reap the benefit of this process,” said Markarov.

Touching upon the question of Nagorno-Karabakh, the speaker noted that the Minsk Group uses its mandate and continues to have a positive role in the sense that the unstable region is still non military situation. He notes several points why Azerbaijan lacks military appeals, “They are reduced because there was a quite strong blow to the image of Azerbaijan due to their president’s policy in terms of Safarov. The other reason is inadequate and, in some cases, necessary counterblow, that is carried out by our forces, the third one- direction of the foreign policy.”

Azerbaijan and Armenia will take part in the training program of the EU

The representatives of Azerbaijan and Armenia met in Tbilisi in the framework of the EU training program on cultural heritage.
The program on “National Policy on Cultural Heritage” will be held on December 6-7 in Georgia’s capital as part of the European Union (EU) “Eastern Partnership”.

The meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian representatives at international events on such topics is relevant in the context of the destruction of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan samples in the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to official data, only in Shushi historical remained 248 monuments, 8 museums, an art gallery, a mausoleum, eight music schools, dozens of cultural objects.

The main objective of the project is to improve the management of cultural heritage and strengthen cooperation in the direction of bringing the process of integration with the standards of EU member states.

Sashik Sargsyan stealing what’s left from Nairit

According to the information of “First News and Analyses”, over the recent months Sashik Sargsyan cuts large diameter pipes of “Nairit” factory and sells to Persia.
We were informed from the factory that tubes are cut, but they have cut and sold the pipes and other details that are not useful in the production.

We have learned that in addition to pipes, tanks and other iron equipment is being transported to Persia. And now the factory has expectations that a new investor will invest in butadiene and rubber manufacturing.

However, money from sale of tons of iron is not used for the needs of the factory, but goes to S.Sargsyan’s pocket.

The NA four-day agenda includes 83 issues

On November 30 took place the meeting of the National Assembly, which was headed by the President of the National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan.

The Department of Public and Media Relations informed “First News and Analyses” that they discussed amendments at the second session of the fifth convocation of the National Assembly and the draft resolutions of the NA four-day agenda on December 3-6. The NA second session on amendments to the draft resolution included 12 issues and 2 an international treaties. The NA forthcoming four-day agenda includes 83 questions, including 23 international treaties.

On December 3, will take place a number of sessions of the NA Standing Committees.

YSU history textbook passed editorial”filters” before being published. ANC

ANC issued a statement about the YSU history manual.
It has been a week since the sector of March 1 events of the YSU history textbook become a subject of public discussion. This section is the exact copy of the related events of March 1, 2008, immediately published hypothesis of the government. They were fake, false accusations, so that it was impossible to make a judgment for any of these articles against the opposition proceedings. Moreover, due to the efforts of the Armenian National Congress in 2-3 years from March 1 the authorities’ version of events was completely refuted.
The authors of the textbook, turning a blind eye to all this, they have to copy the full version, refuted by the authorities. And because this textbook passed editorial “filters” before publication in the University and the Ministry, started from the textbook author and the University rector till the minister of education and science are rightly accused of fraud.
The real author of this shameful fraud is Serzh Sargsyan, who is also the president of the YSU Council and the above mentioned accused people are only the tools for it.
Armenian National Congress calls upon everyone, first of all, the University teaching staff and students, the principal university graduates from different years, to remove this textbook full of shameful fraud from public demand.

The National Assembly will do everything to promote Armenia-EU relations

On November 30, the president of the National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan received the delegation of the European People’s Party President Wilfried Martens. The meeting was attended by Vice-President of the “Euronest” Parliamentary Assembly Jacek Sarius – Volsky.

Welcoming EPP President, the President of the National Assembly said that the second visit of Mr. Martens in one-year period shows the development and strengthening of the EU-Armenia relations. He expressed confidence that it will serve as an additional incentive for the integration process of Armenia to the European family.
Hovik Abrahamyan stressed that the National Assembly will do everything possible to promote Armenia-EU relations.

Wilfried Martens expressing gratitude for the reception said that his recent visit brought positive results and progress are recorded in Armenia and stressed the importance of the three parties (RPA, Rule of Law and the “Heritage”) to the EPP.

The interlocutors also touched upon reforms carried out in Armenia, regional issues, as well as other issues of mutual interest.

Serzh Sargsyan referred to the forthcoming presidential elections with the EPP President

Department of Public and Media Relations of the RA President inform that President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan received President of the European People’s Party President Wilfried Martens. EPP president has arrived in Armenia to attend the summit of the leaders of the Eastern Partnership.

At the meeting both parties expressed satisfaction, although the Republican Party of Armenia is relatively new member of the EPP, however, during the past year after joining, active and effective cooperation was formed in the framework of the EPP.

President Serzh Sargsyan and EPP President Wilfried Martens found such meetings as a good opportunity to discuss the progress of Armenia towards European integration, for inter-party relations and exchange of ideas.

They also referred to the upcoming presidential elections, the issues related to the development of cooperation within the Eastern Partnership.

We fear that instead of the absentee voters voting will be organized. S. Safarian

Yesterday in the TEC was considered candidate in No. 1 constituency Stepan Safarian’s application, in which he claimed to dispute in court the other candidate’s registration. The TEC has refused to appeal to court.

Stepan Safarian noted that his application was based on the fact that the Republican candidate Robert Sargsyan presented on November 23 a declaration of withdrawal proceeds, estimated 2 million 700 thousand AMD.

“Though we did not have the obligation to submit EC’s proving violations, but we presented that he has the headquarters in the buildings, where the TECs are deployed, which is not allowed. Out-of-law campaign is carried out, money is being spent, which will significantly influence the outcome of the election,” said Stepan Safarian.

According to him, for all the facts TEC representatives gave ridiculous answers.
Stepan Safarian, expressed his gratitude to the “Republic” party and Democratic party of Armenia, who have urged people to vote for him.

“We are concerned with the issue of voter lists, as thirty percent of the population is missing. We fear that instead of the absentee voters, voting will be organized. That is why we try to make sure that it will not happen.” presented his concerns Stepan Safarian.

Russians playing closed at this time?

Yesterday, we have learned from Nikolai Ryzhkov that RF President Putin will visit Armenia in early 2013. How real is this information in comparison with the other unimplemented ones we don’t know?
However, as writes Eghiazar Ayntaptsi in his political analysis, Putin will not come before March, as the presidential election campaign starts in mid-January, 2013.

According to Ayntaptsi, Putin will refrain from visiting Armenia in that period, although Serzh Sargsyan, for example, would not mind receiving him those days, and show everyone that he has Putin’s approval, as it is a political trump card in Armenia.

“In other words, Putin will visit Armenia after the election to congratulate the winner of the presidential elections in 2013. In this aspect of Putin’s visit to Armenia will actually will be post-election developments indicator. If the RF president, however, decides to visit Yerevan by the end of the presidential election, then this will mean that Russia will remain neutral to provoke or instigate the post-election unrest, which could be done by the ANC-PAP alliance. Otherwise, Russia probably does not try to directly intervene in inter-Armenian developments, but try to orientate according to the situation between them the participants.”

The reporter notes that Putin does not want his name to be used in Armenia’s internal struggle. Of course, regardless of his visit, Armenian political thinking in stereotypes and perceptions cannot pass without Putin.

“This also seems to be evidence that Russia is willing to play without noise or closed and without showing any preferences.” concludes Eghiazar Ayntaptsi.