The 7-years-old cake struggle in Czech Republic finishes with Armenia’s victory

Czech “Marlenka” and “Marzhenka” cake production companies ended the struggle with peace, as ITAR-TASS reports. Both cake companies produce honey cakes only “Marlenka” has nuts and chocolate in its cakes, while “Marzhenka” does not have any. “Marzhenka” agreed to pay 100.000 crones to “Marlenka” and the struggle was settled.

It all started in 2005 when a honey cake appeared in supermarkets bearing the name “Marzhenka”. Both cakes have the same look and the same design of the package which confused the buyers who had already got used to the production of “Marlenka”. In 2007 the court made decision for the benefit of “Marlenka”. The opposite side did not agree with the verdict and applied to the constitutional court where the same verdict was confirmed. Now “Marzhenka” produces cakes with other name and other packets.

The honey cake was introduced into Czech republic by Armenian Gevorg Avetisyan and the company was named after his mother and daughter – Marlenka.

Georgia to purchase petrol and diesel from Russian company Lukoil

Georgian media reports that Georgian government will purchase gasoline of the Super, Premium and Euro-Diesel types from the Russian company Lukoil.
As reported, Russian company won the consolidated tender comprising three lots. The tender was announced for purchase of the abovementioned fuel types for the amount of 56 million liters.

According to Competition and State Procurement Agency, the consolidated tender was declared in Georgia for the first time.

Georgia may reduce gas prices

Georgia’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Kakha Kaladze announced that drop in the consumer tariff for gas is possible in Georgia.
According to him the process of reducing the gas tariff is more difficult than that of reducing the electricity tariff.

From January1, electricity tariffs for two categories of consumers in Georgia decreased by 3.5 tetri ($1=1.66 lari), that is by 20 per cent.
The current tariff of gas is 51 tetri per cubic meter.
Georgian authorities had hoped to reduce the tariff by lowering the price of gas coming from Azerbaijan.

However, during his visit to Baku, Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili was convinced that Georgia receives gas from Azerbaijan at the lowest price in the region and Europe.

Netherlands plans to allocate funds to Georgia for democracy development

Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee of the Netherlands, Ten Brook, announced that the Netherlands intends to allocate additional funds to Georgia to promote the development of democracy.

According to him Dutch Parliament is currently working on its foreign policy budget and intends to become acquainted with the situation in Georgia to create a complete view of the country.

“I really want to get acquainted with the situation in Georgia after the democratic parliamentary elections held on October 1,” Brook said.
Brook will stay in Georgia for three days meeting with senior representatives of the Parliament and the government of Georgia.

Turkey and Azerbaijan discuss cooperation in medical tourism

Azerbaijani media reports that the Turkish delegation, including representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism held talks in Baku with their Azerbaijani counterparts regarding the development of medical tourism.
As reports, during the visit to Azerbaijan, the Turkish delegation visited the tourism facilities, the Shahdag winter and summer tourism complex and also familiarized with other touristic places of interest in the country.

The Turkish delegation stressed a great potential for development of medical tourism in Azerbaijan and expressed readiness to assist the development of various kinds of tourism in the country as well as the development and implementation of joint programs and plans in this direction.

Iran exports $33 million worth of goods to Azerbaijan

Iranian IRNA news agency, citing the announcement of director of Astara border city customs, reports that Iran has exported non-oil goods worth of $33 million to Azerbaijan in the first 8 months of this current Iranian year (ends on March 21).

He noted that in the first 8 months, Iran exported 13,000 tons of goods to Azerbaijan, which, money wise equals to some $33 million.
Iran and Azerbaijan mostly do suitcase trade, and according to Bakhshi, most of the goods were exported by travelers to Azerbaijan.
Bakhshi also said that in the last 9 months, Iran has exported some 516,000 tons of non-oil goods, worth $270 million to such countries as Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia.

Azerbaijan exports over 6bn cubic meters of Natural gas

State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan reports that country exported 6,144,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas in January-November 2012.
As reported, of this volume 2,394,000,000 cubic meters in the amount of $561,523,000 by customs declarations.

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan supplies gas to Russia, Georgia and Iran for the needs of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

In 2013 investments will be made in Japan and in countries of BRICS, Mediterranean

Reuters News Agency reports that in 2013 the investors are planning to make investments in Japan and in countries of BRICS, Mediterranean.

The reason for doing it economic growth and liquidation of central bank.
Overall, the economists expect that in 2013 Euro-zone will be complete and stored, the United States could prevent the impending “budget gap”, while China’s economy will avoid the changes in economy.