No need to take part in the elections

ANC member Grigor Harutyunyan in his interview to Aravot newspaper noted that there is no need to take part in the elections as it is impossible have change of power trough them.

“We should focus on this. Otherwise the idea of nominating somebody or supporting somebody in the presidential elections cannot be right.”

ANC discusses becoming a party again

According to Hraparak’s information, ANC again discusses the issue of becoming a party. This issue is not new as after the parliamentary elections in May Levon Ter-Petrosyan ordered Gagik Jhangiryan to consider that problem and find a solution.
The thing is that as a party many problems will be solved and the problem of a new leader too. But many new problems will raise at the same time.

Surprises are unlikely from this president

In the conversation with Aravot newspaper, an expert in international relations based in Washington Armen Kharazayan , talking about the outcomes of the presidential elections in case the incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan is reelected, noted:

“I don’t expect new principles; values and new working format even though that’s what they are talking about. As I am familiar with the president’s capabilities, preferences and his worldview from 25 years of experience, I don’t expect any surprises.”

ANC –the biggest danger for authorities

The ANC is not going to be part of the upcoming presidential elections, and it doesn’t have the previous social support. Taken these factors into consideration the correspondent of Aravot newspaper asked ANC member Lyudmila Sargsyan about the government’s need to now consider trying to make the ANC weaker.

“I think the authorities are very well aware of the ANC’s importance and possibilities and that’s why they are concerned about post-election activities and the possible danger that the ANC can be stronger than before. I think that till today the only dangerous power for the Armenian authorities has been and continues to be the ANC because in the needed moments it is able to have the people to support him.”

More Armenians spent their holiday in Artsakh

Compared with previous years, this year more Armenians visited Nagorno Karabakh during the holidays. This was reported to the correspondent of “Haykakan Zhamanak” by the head of the department of Tourism adjunct to the Government of NKR, Sergey Shahverdyan.

According to Shahverdyan, only the foreigners visiting Artsakh are registered and the statistics of Armenian citizens visiting the country is not on the record. Despite that, according to him, the number of Armenians visiting the country this year was higher than in the previous years. This is supposed to be due the fact that the resort centers in Artsakh compared with the ones in Jermuk, Tsaghkadzor and in other places are cheaper. Another important factor is the people’s desire to visit the country to admire the magnificent beauty.

Tsarukyan’s son-in-law ordered to work for Sargsyan

The well-informed sources of Zhoghovurd report that the mayor of Abovyan city Karo Guloyan on Saturday, January 12, invited the leaders of districts to his place. The son-in-law of the leader of prosperous Armenia party, Gagik Tsarukyan, informed everybody that during the upcoming presidential elections they are going to work for incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan. The ones present at the meeting even presented speeches in support of the president.

The truth about the news the newspaper tried to find out from people, who according to reports, were at the meeting. One of the participants confirmed the meeting took place but didn’t say what was the final decision of the meeting.

These elections are non-competitive

Political expert Richard Giragosian told “168 zham” that these elections are non-competitive which means the electoral struggle must be more liberal and fair because of the lack of opponents competing.

Richard Giragorsian mentioned a second important aspect. According to him Serzh Sargsyan will have its first and not second term presidency because the previous one was wasted on eliminating the aftermaths of 2008 post-electoral crisis and dwelling on separation of Kocharyan from him.

Who is financing the epos expert?

This is not the first time the epos expert and a candidate to the upcoming presidential elections Vardan Sedrakyan participate in the elections. In 2000 he put his candidacy for the parliamentary elections representing the 26th district which comprised Eghvard, Charentsavan and relating villages. Sedrakyan is from Eghvard and he put his candidacy then because there were conflicts between Eghvard and Charentsavan, but took the third place out of 3 candidates.

However people in Eghvard remember that back in 2007 Sedrakyan did not have money even to print very cheap booklets, however today he builds 3 villas, one for him, the other two for his two sons. Where from the money comes to Sedrakyan is an issue that makes not only the Eghvard people wonder.

Sedrakyan does not have a single rational explanation for his sudden enrichment and the only thing left to do is make suggestions. According to some of them, his financing comes from Iran but this may not even be true.

Alexan Harutyunyan won’t be Armenian Ambassador to France

Alexan Harutyunyan, president of RA committee of Public Television and Radio, while giving interview to “Armenian Times” daily, denied information about his appointment as the Ambassador of Armenia to Republic of France.
“There hasn’t been any such discussion with me. From all the rumors there is only one truth, that on February 1st, my working term ends and according to our Law I can’t be in that position any more. ”

We should recall that there are rumors that the position of Ambassador may be given to Serzh Sargsyan’s spokesman, Armen Arzumanyan.
While answering to the question, Arzumanyan noted that he doesn’t comment on rumors.

Moreover, it was also told that head of the “Sharm” holding Ruben Jaghinyan is also the one who can take the post.
According to Jaghinyan, the news is being spread for many years but still he hasn’t got any offer.
Jaghinyan noted that if he is suggested for the post he may think of it since it is very responsible job.

I believe we are going to have a new government: Raffi Hovhannisian

One of the journalists of asked Raffi Hovhannisian yesterday if he is indirectly a part of Serzh Sargsan’s political processes. Hovhannisian answered he does not want to limit the electorate with the guarantee of speech only and what he has done so far was open, transparent and in front of the people and it will be so ever after. Hovhannisian stated he will see a constitutional Armenia even at stake of his life. The leader of “Heritage” party added he wished every citizen participated in the elections not necessarily electing him because an unused vote means a support for the reproduction of the incumbent government which should not be permissible.

When asked why he excludes the possibility to cooperate with Sargsyan in the future Hovhannisian added there will be a change in the government and Serzh Sargsyan has to go. But they will keep the cooperation in the NA where the RP has the majority of the seats. The NA in his case will separate business from legislative body and where the citizen of Armenia is guaranteed not by the speech of the candidate but by the president of the country, the Constitution of the country and his rights.
Hovhannisian concluded the business must be excluded not only in the NA but in the judicial bodies, and urged to follow his example of not having dependence on any business.