“The OSCE Minsk Group should be more active on a solution of the conflict,” Elnur Aslanov

According to Head of Department of political analysis and information provision Elnur Aslanov, Minsk Group should make Armenia to release Azerbaijani territories from occupation.

“The position of official Baku on Nagorno Karabakh considers that the OSCE Minsk Group should be more active on a solution of the conflict. We have stated this number of times”, he said and added that they have addressed the international community repeatedly on that issue.

“We must put an end to actions that contradict international law, aggression of one state against another state, violations of the UN Security Council resolutions and the territorial integrity. How is it possible that in one case, the UN Security Council resolution is executed in a few hours? Unfortunately, even a sentence of 4 resolutions of UN Security Council on Azerbaijan, has not been carried out yet. ”

Aslanov also stated that some countries passively react on the solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

Serzh Sargsyan gives a number of instructions on the pre-trial proceedings in criminal matters

The RA President’s Department of Public and Media Relations informs that on October 29 Serzh Sargsyan gave a number of instructions on the pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases, based on the results of the consultation with the chief staff of the law enforcement agencies.

In particular, the RA Government was instructed to conduct a comprehensive review of the material and social conditions of the law enforcement authorities, to develop proposals for improvement within two months and submit to the RA presidential staff.

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia was instructed to elaborate the draft on Criminal Procedure Code.

The Attorney General, the Chief of Police and the head of the Special Investigation Service were instructed to submit written proposals for the organization of pre-investigation within one month.

The RA Chief of the police was assigned to calculate and submit within one month offer aimed at logistic support of investigators’ activities.

CIS does not justify hopes for member-states’ greater integration: Azerbaijani political analyst

“Despite the Commonwealth of Independent States was created in the hope of greater integration of member-states, there are no merits of the CIS in the development of any country.”- said Azerbaijani political analyst, professor of the Western University Fikret Sadihov.

At the conference on “Perspectives of integration processes in the post-Soviet space” he noted that each republic has become more independent with its priorities in the external and internal political level.
He added that the ties of the post-Soviet countries are quite strong but there is an absence of the visa regime as an opportunity for closer cooperation.

Another Azerbaijani political analyst Rasim Agaev said at the video conference that the establishment of the CIS did not justify the hopes of the masses and added that most countries comfort themselves with illusions of European integration, but it is possible to create a real integration in the CIS.

Head of the Post-Soviet States Economic Development Section at the Post-Soviet Studies Center of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Elena Kuzmina also said that Russia is a core of economic interests of the CIS countries.

Director of the Parliamentary Institute of the Kazakh People’s Democratic Party Nur Otan Bolat Baikadamov highlighted that it is necessary to adapt domestic legislation along with the agreements within the cooperation in the CIS for more extensive integration in the next 2-5 years.
“No one fully understands how we can carry out the integration processes completely,” he said.

Title Turkey to continue supporting just position of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh issue: Ambassador

Translation Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ismail Alper Coshgun told journalists that Turkey will go on supporting the position of Azerbaijan just in Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

“Azerbaijan and Turkey are connected not only by political, but also by economic relations. Joint economic projects implemented by Azerbaijan and Turkey can be shown as an example.” he said.

The ambassador added that Turkey is confirming stability in the region by its strong diplomacy, politics and the economy.

Recall that the conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan, occuping 20 percent of Azerbaijan since 1992, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 surrounding districts.

Vardanyans avoid taxes?

According to our information, the family of Vardanyans, who owns “Grand Candy”, “Grand Tobacco”, “Masis tabak” and other companies pay salaries to their employees in envelopes. More likely, they register the minimum salary 50,000 AMD or a symbolic amount of money for employees, but the real wages gave in the envelope. Thus, they are reluctant to pay income tax imposed for wages. In addition, they also do not announce the real number of employees.

Vahram Brutyan, who is responsible for press service of Vardanyans’ companies, told our reporters that “this information is not true.”
To clarify this question the reporters of “First News and Analyses” asked First Deputy Chairman of the State Revenue Committee Armen Alaverdyan, who confirmed that the economic entities use such vicious mechanisms to avoid taxes.

Armen Alaverdyan noted that in order it is impossible to disclose the activities of those companies by administration. For this purpose it is necessary to take legislative and other instruments, up to compelling to liability.

Serzh Sargsyan visited ancient Armenian sites

According to the information received from the department of the RA President’s staff on Public and Media Relations, Serzh Sargsyan visited ancient sites of archaeological heritage of particular importance for Armenia, historical place, escavated in Artashat residence, “Shengavit” and “Erebuni” historical reserve museums of the capital.

Merkel reassures Turkey on EU talks, Erdogan raps Cyprus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday the European Union (EU) would pursue accession talks with his country in good faith, despite some persistent disagreements. As Reuters reports, Turkey’s talks to join the bloc, launched in 2005, have all but ground to a halt due to an intractable dispute over the divided island of Cyprus, an EU member, and opposition from core EU members France and Germany.

But Merkel told a joint news conference with Erdogan after talks in Berlin: “The EU is an honest negotiating partner.” “These negotiations will continue irrespective of the questions that we have to clarify,” she said, referring to criticisms of Turkey in the European Commission’s report on its performance as a candidate country.

Margaret Yesayan and Alexander Arzumanyan meet ANC opposition activist Tigran Arakelyan

As was reported, on November 20, at the National Assembly hearing were held on the terms and conditions of detention, and in order to prepare for the hearings and get acquainted with the living conditions of prisoners, Committee of the Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs together with the Standing Committee of European integration decided to visit penitential institutions during October.

On November 1, the deputies are going to visit the “Nubarashen” penitentiary, where they plan to meet some of the prisoners. By the way, deputies will decide which prisoners to meet at that moment, because, according to deputies, the visit was not convicted in order to meet them but to get acquainted with their living conditions and possible violations of their rights.

Vice-President of the Standing Committee of the Human Rights and Public Affairs Margaret Yesayan said that she intends to meet ANC opposition activist Tigran Arakelyan and talk with him. According to the information, NA member Alexander Arzumanyan also has such a desire.

“I remind that the purpose of our visit is to study the living conditions of prisoners and detainees in prison, which will be the main topic of the hearing. I do not think that these visits and meetings can be used for PR, because all MPs of the two different factions of the committees are active and caring, and are intended to be useful,” she said.

Economic projects to become the core of CIS integration processes. Politician

Countries originated after the collapse of the USSR have general characteristics of the situation: the economy and GDP fell sharply, internal and external conflicts, and closed borders in the case of Armenia. This was reported by the Director of the Armenian branch of the CIS Institute, politician Alexander Markarov today, October 31, at the TV program dedicated to the integration process.

He said that the APN, as a field for maintenance of the ties between the countries of the former USSR, did not have so successful development. At the same time, a new practice of multi-layer cooperation was revealed, that is to say new structured have emerged in the organization: CSTO, the Customs Union.

According to the analyst, the key element for the integration of the CIS countries may become economic projects. It can become the basis for the political integration. The other course is humanitarian cooperation.

Markarov noted that the new common cultural propaganda should be fulfilled, which shall include not the old, but the young generation.