Ara Haytayan: “Culture on the brink of agony. It almost disappears”

Ara Haytayan, a representative of the modern cultural life of Armenia is a painter who shared his thoughts on the general state of culture in Armenia and his recent participation in Beijing fifth international biennale.

As one of the things lacking today in Armenia culture Haytayan refered to the good image of the contemporary artists in Armenia however mentioned the lack of a concrete institute that would deal with the contemporary arts’ preservation, expansion and archiving. To the question what do the cultural events annually organized by the Ministry of Culture give to the society Haytayan mentioned that there is a huge gap between what the state has to do and what it actually does. Painting being one of the leading and most developed art branches in Armenia is not treated the way it should be. Although some cultural events take place still they are not enough to keep the culture alive in the country.

Haytayan explains the power and confidence today’s artists lack with the factors mostly dealing with lack of possibilities to cooperate and to walk along the contemporary developments. Although Soviet times have passed and no boundaries already enchain modern artists, there is a lack of possibilities to make connections for cooperation. “You should be very adroit to manage self-realize outside, attract buyers so as to survive here”, he adds.

Hurricane Sandy might have postponed Vienna living Armenian pianist Nareh Arghamanyan’s Europe concert tour.

Hurricane Sandy is to hit the West coast of the United States by Monday, which has caused ten millions of residents all over the western part of the country to loose electricity, suspend their flights and made the state officials have the public transportation stopped and workplaces and schools closed.

Armenian-born young pianist Nareh Arghamanyan’s U.S. concert tour started on October 12 visiting Columbus, Ohio staring in a concert with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra up to 28 October with her final concert in New York City. Nareh is to perform in Leipheim on November 4. However the emergency state in New York could have canceled the concert in Germany if not exceptional flight fortunately bringing Nareh back to the European side of the Atlantic. European concert tours are in their natural sequence and no concert shall be cancelled.

“ReAnimania” 4th International Animation Festival to be launched on November 3-9

“The festival isn’t a Festival of Children’s cartoon, there are themes concerning adult movies, but we cannot forget the children. We cooperate with Khnko-Aper Children’s Library and children can go there and see the films. The list is very interesting, we tried to bring the best and new movies, and the audience is given the opportunity to view works of art,” said today during a meeting with reporters artistic director of “ReAnimania” International Animated 4th Festival Lusine Kasarjyan.

On November 3-9 in Yerevan launches “ReAnimania” International Animated 4th festival.

The festival will present competitive and special programs, premiere performances, and master classes will be held by the invited guests. The festival has 6 competitive programs.

The founder of the festival Vrezh Kassouni was very happy with that fact. It will be an ongoing project and will overcome all the problems.

“We are looking forward to the opening. There will be few guests, but we have a quality. Animated films in Armenia are in good position. Due to diligence and good teams we will achieve success. This year, the festival will host animators from Brazil, Germany and Russia, who will hold master classes and workshops. ”

According to deputy chief of the department of Modern Art Aram Gyurjyan, for the Ministry of Culture this Festival is not a cultural event, it is a serious strategic foothold. During the Festival 400 films from 40 countries will be presented.

Harout Pamboukjian to perform in Sydney

According to Armenia Online (a news portal delivering news from Australia, Armenia and the greater Diaspora), renowned Armenian artist, Harout Pamboukjian will perform in Sydney on November 30, 2012.

He will be accompanied by his 4-man band from los Angeles. The concert will take place at Miramare Gardens.

The attendants are also welcome to donate 150 dollars, which will include dinner and drinks.

KOHAR Buenos Aires concert live

KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir within the framework of its tours in South America shall give a concert in Buenos Aires. The orchestra shall live broadcast its concert on” Los Angeles time- October 27/17:00, New York time-October 27/20:00, Paris time- October 28/ 2:00 Yerevan time-October 28/ 16:00. Watch the concert live on “First News & Analyses” as well.

Singer Hayko’s solo concert to take place in 2013

Singer Hayko’s big solo concert will take place at Karen Demirchyan complex in the beginning of 2013. In the conversation with Armenpress, the singer noted that initially the concert was going to take place this October, but because of his busy schedule and his role in the “Voice of Armenia” , he had to put off the concert for a while.

“I preferred to postpone the concert in order to have it organized on high level”. The singer stressed that he is really excited about the concert, as he is going to work with his favorite team.

Hayko also informed that the concert will be in classical-pop style and that State Youth Orchestra of Armenia is also going to take part in it conducted by Sergey Smbatyan.

The singer didn’t exclude that the concert may be dedicated to the one month holiday dedicated to women and girls.

Book Exhibition in Canada

On October 22-24 with the support of RA Embassy to Canada and Armenian National committee of Canada, the exhibition of Chris Bohjalian’s book “Sandcastle Girls” took place in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa cities. The historical-fictional book recognized as bestseller by New York Times tells about the Armenian Genocide concentrating on one couple, Armen Petrosyan’s and Elizabeth Endikott’s love story.

On October 23rd the exhibition took place in Ottawa, in cities best “Chapters” bookstore.

In his address to guests present in the exhibition. RA ambassador to Canada Armen Eganyan stressed that the recognition of Armenian Genocide and its condemnation is important for preventing such crimes in the future.

Serzh Tankian and Arto Tuncboyaciyan to participate in the charitable concert dedicated to Syrian-Armenians website informs that a charitable concert will be held for “Syrian-Armenians Relief Fund”.

As reported, the concert will be held on November 11in “Pasadena CIVIC” famous concert hall located in the US.

Famous Armenian singers, Serj Tankian, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Ruben Hakhverdyan, Lilit Pipoyan, Armen Movsisyan, Element Band, Dirty Diamond and Glendale orchestra members will give live concert.

Armenian singer Lilu was taken into police custody

Press service of Armenian Police department told our News Agency that early in the morning of Monday, October 22, at 07:45 am, Armenian singer Lilu with K.P were brought to the police station for being under the influence of alcohol.

As reported, at 06:00 am on that same morning, they were driving a “Nissan” car in the North Avenue and didn’t stop when the police warned them, and after chasing they were caught.

According to the police officers she was swearing at them.
Lilu was fined for being under the influence of alcohol.
She gave explanations in the presence of her lawyer. Investigation is being carried out.