RA Ambassador to Vienna took part in an international photography exhibition

On November 15 in Austria the RA Ambassador to Vienna Arman Kirakosyan took part in the Vienna international photography award ceremony and exhibition (VIPA).

The RA MFA press office informed “First News and Analyses” that the award ceremony was attended by photographers from the 63 countries of the world. First Prize Winner was Italian photographer Antonella Montsoni with her documentary photographic series called “Wounded Armenia”, dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in 1915 and the consequences of the 1988 earthquake in Spitak, and survived Armenia after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh.

National Philharmonic Orchestra to perform Glazunov, Verdi, Puccini at the gala concert

Today, in “Aram Khachaturian” hall Armenia’s State Philharmonic Orchestra will perform opera and symphonic concert. This was reported to the “First News and Analyses” by the press service of Armenia’s State Philharmonic Orchestra.

The program will include Glazunov’s 4th symphony, excerpts from Italian operas, Verdi’s “Force Fate” opera, Puccini’s Cio Cio San and Pinkerton duet from “Madam Butterfly” opera, and from “L’Arlesiana” opera Lamento di Federico. The soloists are of the concert are Irina Zakyan- soprano, Hovhannes Ayvazyan- tenor. Conductor is Eduard Topchyan.

Paying tribute to Ara Sargsyan: Gafeskyan Center of Arts

Today in Gafesjyan Center of Arts there will be a tribute to the sculptor Ara Sargsyan called “Ara Sargsyan – 110: the hero of the Arts” in the framework of “meeting with the Arts” project. Arthur Avagyan, the speaker of the day who has Ph.D in Arts, will present the heritage Ara Sargsyan has left; afterwards a documentary will be shown on Sargsyan’s poetic heritage.

The event starts at 19.00, entrance is free.
Gafesjyan organizes “meetings with Arts” since 2010 during which the worldwide known artists are being presented.

“The Voice of Armenia” will keep on making fantastic surprises

In her interview, the executive producer Irina Vardanyan said “The Voice of Armenia” cardinally differs from other similar projects and the most significant advantage of the it is the voice of the singer is what really matters. She states their expectations were justified in finding talented and unique voices in the country. According to the regulations of the project, the audience is able to see the show starting from the blind hearings and judging the results after the first release of the TV show, the reaction was promising. Vardanyan mentioned one of the prerogatives of the projects is to stick to the “be positive” slogan, work transparently and always be open for mass media. To the question which was the criterion to choose a judge Irina Vardanyan replied the selection was carried out by “Armenia” TV based on the TALPA organization principles. The final say is after TALPA.

Vardanyan mentioned there are a lot of names already known to public like Anna Avetyan and Mary, who astonished the audience with her strong voice, there are new names too besides there is no deficit of talented people in the country. She assured the surprises will be continuous.

The premiere of the film “Interrupted Song” on the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations was shown in Moscow

Russian Regnum News Agency reports that the premiere of the film “Interrupted Song” on the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations was shown in Moscow “House of Cinema of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia”.

As reported, the film is about Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers who were in the hole during the hostilities in Karabakh war.
The source informs that the representatives of Armenian and Azerbaijani Diasporas in Russia as well as Russian members of culture and art were attended at the event.

The executive producer of the movie, Gohar Gevorgyan, while meeting with the journalists said that the movie “Interrupted Song ” isn’t so much about the history of relations between the two nations, but the stratagem of human lives, who are in the same hole.

Gevorgyan was very disappointed that some famous Azerbaijani representatives of art, including singer Zeinab Khanlarov, agreed with the Azerbaijan’s action concerning Ramil Safarov, who axed Armenian soldier Gurgen Margaryan, during the NATO exercises, held in Budapest, Hungary, back in 2004.

“It is interesting for me would she axe for example Jigarkhanyan, Armenian famous actor?” rhetorically asked Gevorgyan.
Director of the film, Arik Manukyan, noted that the film “Interrupted Song” is not about everyone, but for all”.

The Voice of Armenia: Hallelujah by Mary shocks everyone (video)

The voice of Armenia has discovered a number of strong voices, Mary (Masha) being one of them, whose “Hallelujah” had a great impression on many.

The executive producer of “The Voice of Armenia” Irina Vardanyan assured similar surprises are still to come as the blind auditions will still go on. According to Vardanyan, the advantage of this program is that the only criteria the jury selects the candidates is their voice.

“The Voice” fundamentally differs from other programs looking for talents and acquired its worldwide acknowledgement very fast.

Amsterdam Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Yerevan Today

As it has already been reported “Yerevan Perspectives” International Music Festival hosts Amsterdam Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Yerevan. The classical concert of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam will take place today, On November 9, at 7.30 pm, with Lorin Maazel as the conductor.

Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival previous highlights were Evgeny Kissin’s concert in Yerevan, Tokyo String Quartet, Wiener Philharmonic. The president of the festival is composer Stephan Rostomyan and the Honorary President is Valery Gergiev – currently the general director and artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre and the Principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Armenian young musicians shine in “Nutcracker” competition

It is 12 years “The Nutcracker” international annual television competition of young classical musicians takes place in Moscow (November 1-8). This year Armenia was being represented by young violinist Diana Adamyan.

Another Armenian young man Erik Mirzoyan (wind instruments, clarinet) was presenting Russia. Both Armenian young musicians shone throughout the competition stages and reached the final one. As a result of the professional jury decisions, Diana Adamyan was granted the second prize in the “string instruments”section and Erik Mirzoyan – first prize in the “wind instruments” section. Vladimir Spivakov who is the honorary president of the competition and whose charity fund constantly supports young and talented musicians granted Erik Mirzoyan with a special prize – a nominal grant and Diana Adamyan was invited to participate in the festival “Moscow welcomes its friends”. There were a number of other prestigious musical awards for the Armenian young musicians by the end of the competition.

If “Homo Sapiens”be shot, my other films will seem little sketches. Artavazd Peleshyan

Today one of the giants of world documentary cinema, Artavazd Peleshyann held a unique “open” class, which was preceded by demonstrations of his films in Yerevan Theater and Film Institute.

Although it was said before the meeting that no questions should be asked, but Peleshyan answered them.
His followers asked him several questions, and he even gave some pieces of advice to the young students, future filmmakers. “Do not be afraid of anything, and put everything in your first movie, as it will determine your future.” The famous director did not accept the stereotype that film is a synthetic art. “Film is a separate art.”

There was also a reference to his “Homo Sapiens”, the script of which is ready long ago, but due to lack of finance it has not become a movie. The master said that Moscow state film ordered this scenario in1989, but the Soviet Union collapsed and the film wasn’t shot. According to the media, Armenia’s National Film centre is ready to provide money, but there was no initiative from Peleshyan. Rector of Theatrical Institute said, “I am sure that Gevorg (director of Cinema Center, Gevorg Gevorgyan) is ready to give money, but he doesn’t know that it is more than the early budget of the Ministry of Culture. We should create “Homo Sapiens” fund to collect money for the film.”

Peleshyane jokingly said, “If “Homo Sapiens” be shot, my other films will seem little sketches.”

Let’s bring all the Armenian 30.000 cross-stones here

On January 2013, the opening ceremony titled “Time to collect stones” will take place in the History of Armenia Museum.

As reported, currently already 51 cross-stones have been brought from regions to Yerevan in order to show them in the Museum.A Specialist on monuments, Samvel Karapetyan, condemns the decision and is dissatisfied with it.

According to Karapetyan, the cross-stones should stay in the regions so the tourists can also visit the regions and see the masterpieces there.

Apres Zohrabyan, director of “Bnatachar” agrees with Karapetyan and said that the government must pay attention to the history of the country.

According to Zohrabyan, nowadays the tourists are able to visit the regions.

Zohrabyan said that it is wrong to collect all the cross-stones in a place, he even added with the irony the following statement: “Let’s bring all the Armenian 30.000 cross-stones to a Yerevan”.
However, Anelka Grigoryan, director of History of Armenia Museum, stressed that everything is done in order to keep the cross-stones which are “thrown” away.
Grigoryan also stressed that everything is done from the budget of the museum and added that the government doesn’t support them in that action.