Post-holidays’ stress among 40-50% women: psychologist

Psychologist Samvel Khudoyan told in the meeting with the journalists that the Post-holidays’ stress which is called “disphoria” is mostly noticed among 40-50% women. According to Khudoyan the reason is the extreme tense way of living during the pre-holiday’s days. The abuse of alcohol during the holidays causes the same stress among men. Khudoyan believes it is an absurd to visit a psychologist because of “disphoria” and stated he is against of celebrating the winter holidays and in case these holidays were celebrated 2-3 days and not a week, there would be no need to speak of this stress at all.

The psychologist also mentioned the tendency to divorce after the holidays, the conflicts between the couples and the increase of heart diseases.

NK government supports Syrian Armenians in Artsakh

After the recent war events in Syria a number of Syrian Armenians left Syria for Armenia and 105 of them settled in Artsakh. The head of the Kashatagh district Davit Davtyan told the First News and Analyses the NK government does its best to support Syrian Armenians in Artsakh.

He said on the New Year eve the families were given food and utensils, 50 cottages will be built in the future for them also. Davtyan said all the Syrian Armenians in Artsakh are provided with jobs mainly in agriculture. 18 families have already introduced their documents for permanent residence in Artsakh.

9-year-old child, who escaped from boarding institution, is still in FAR. HRD

9-year-old Tigran, who escaped from a boarding institution of care and protection of children on December 28, will still stay in the FAR for several months. This was reported to the “First News and Analyses” by the HRD spokesman Naira Karmirshalyan.
“Now an investigation is underway and it will become clear during the investigation whether the child was really beaten in the institution, or not. So far, it is only what Tigran said,” the spokeswoman said.
Note, that this is not the first time that Tigran ran away from the boarding institution. According to the child, they beat him there.

Political scientist Suren Surenyants is accused in cheating

Armen Khachatryan , Judge of the Arabkir and Erebuni Administrative Court of General Jurisdiction, decided to call political scientist Suren Surenyants to court.
Note, Surenyants is being accused for cheating Gevorg Ghasabyanc, from whom he took 508.000 AMD.

As reported, neither Sirunyants nor his lawyer was in the court.
Judge Khachatryan said that if Sirunyants won’t be present in the next court trial, they will accept other strict measures for the political scientist.
Note, Sirunyants can’t leave the city till the end of the trial.
The next trial is going to be on January 16.

Armenia will discuss participation in the Baku session of UNESCO cultural heritage committee

Armenia will discuss participation in the Baku session of UNESCO cultural heritage committee in 2013. Hasmik Poghosyan stated they need to rationally cradle their capabilities, the material they are going to present and how much Armenia is ready for it. She also added the ministry of culture has sent messages to many cultural organizations in Armenia and are waiting for their answers.

Poghosyan added there is no such country in the world having such legislation on non-material cultural heritage as Armenia has and this is stated by the representatives of other countries.

A latest example of letting the world get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Armenia was the decision to make “Sasna Tsrer” epos included in the world cultural heritage. This comes to prove that after the duduk and its music along with khachqars the epos is the third part of making the Armenian culture known to the world.

Baku to host the Second global forum of intercultural dialogue

Azerbaijani media reports that Second global forum of intercultural dialogue will be held in Baku.

According to sources in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the forum will be held under the slogan “How to build the future of the world”.
As reported, the work on preparations for the forum has been launched.
Note, the first global forum of intercultural dialogue was held in Baku in April 2011 and it involved representatives of 102 countries and over 10 international organizations.

The anniversary of Dink’s martyrdom to be marked on January 13

On January 13 will be marked the 6th anniversary of martyrdom of the killed journalist and editor-in-chief of “Akos” newspaper, Hrant Dink.
The commemoration event will take place on the same day at St. Grigor and Avet Kyurkjoghli hall, in the area of California Vinetka. During the ceremony the president of the cultural committee of the Armenian union, Dr. Hovhannes Avetikyan will make a speech. Other speeches are also expected. The entrance is free.

Recall that Hrant Dink was assassinated on Januray 19, 2007 nearby the “Akos” newspaper office.

The traffic is suspended due to storms and lack of visibility

The Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Armenia states:
On January 7 at 11:00 o’clock, the road Aparan-Alagyaz, Quchak-Tsaghkahovit and Yerevan-Gyumri in the area of Lanjik, as well as in the mountain pass of Selim, the traffic has been suspended for all types of vehicles due to blizzards and lack of visibility. In case of any changes of situation, the Ministry will be in charge of announcing again.

Big accident on Perm-Ekaterinburg highway. Armenian citizens died

On Perm-Ekaterinburg highway a truck and two passenger cars collided. 5 people died, 4 – injured in the accident. According to the initial information, Huyndai and ВАЗ-2110 cars were involved in the accident. As “Novosti Kongurskogo Kraya” reports, the truck was carrying 7 citizens of Armenia, 4 out of which died on the spot.

Right now the circumstances of the accident are being clarified. Investigation is underway.