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HSBC Bank Armenia held the 14th workshop of its Trade Academy

Kamo Margaryan, Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Bank Armenia, said that Trade Academy’s goal is to preset financial instruments, bank guarantees and less risky and expensive trade financing methods. Margaryan noted that more than 350 companies have …

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Today’s Russia cannot enter a long-term cold war with the west as the Soviet Union of the 50s. Artur Ghazinyan

First Armenian News and Analyses interviewed Dr Artur Ghazinyan, Director of YSU Centre for European Studies.

“There is a need for a new political thinking and culture, failing to build which will push Armenia dangerously close to the edge of the abyss”

First Armenian News and Analyses conducted an interview with the former member of Armenia’s diplomatic service, the expert of international studies Armen Kharazian (Washington, USA):

Armenia must diversify its security system

The guest of the TV show “Realpolitik” David Shahnazaryan director of the Center for Political and Legal Studies “Concord”, former head of the National Security Service of Armenia.

Organic continuation of Kocharian’s word

Gor Vardanyan has nothing to do with his circles, but after the second President’s interview, his reaction and greeting of Kocharian’s speech turned out to be very efficient and organic, increasing the aura and atmosphere left in the interview, with which Kocharian probably was very pleased.

It is time for the option “I’m against everybody”

Constitutionalist Vardan Aivazian told “First News and Analyses” that the number of of participants doesn’t matter, it will be perceived as an election.

The question of dismissing Levon Zurabyan is being discussed now

In order to come out of the crisis, “Democratic Homeland” party calls for the dismission of Congress coordinator Levon Zurabyan.

Taron needs 200 million

Taron Margaryan wrote a proposition, asking for 200 million drams from the government’s reserve fund.

John Heffern talked about American –Armenian relations in the Congress

As the VOA reports, the ambassador talked about American-Armenian relations in the economic, political spheres and also about Nagorno Karabakh conflict, and Armenia-Turkey relations.