Saturday, 20 04 2024
Saturday, 20 04 2024
Armenia and Azerbaijan resolved an issue at the table for the first time. Nikol Pashinyan
Precipitation is expected, but the air temperature will not change significantly
“There is encouraging news about the border liberalization process.” Klaar
Vahagn Davtyan became the champion and qualified for the Olympic Games
“We are starting a new way of close cooperation with the EU.” Mirzoyan
“The USA is refereeing the Iran-Israel war.” Gantaharyan
Ararat Mirzoyan welcomed the statement of the G7 foreign ministers
Toyota recalls hundreds of thousands of its newest Prius and Prius Prime vehicles
Apple has removed Telegram and WhatsApp from China
India sells missiles to the Philippines
Britain will allocate 150 million pounds to strengthen Ukraine’s energy sector
Iran and Israel will stop direct strikes. CNN
What does Armenia get as a result of the agreements of the demarcation commissions?
The demarcation commissions have reached an agreement on several important issues
The representative of the White House and the Prime Minister of Ukraine discussed the reforms
Nissan presented the new Qashqai
Klopp at the helm of “Liverpool” did not win only this cup
The Deputy Ministers received the Director of the US Department of State’s Narcotics Control Bureau (INL).
The Prime Minister emphasized the development of cooperation between Armenia and Germany
Ukraine may lose at the end of 2024. Head of the CIA
Louis Bono, the adviser on Caucasus affairs of the US State Department, visited Georgia
We are closely following the situation in Georgia. Patel
“Bayer” continues the unbeaten streak and will play in the semi-finals
“Liverpool” wins but is eliminated from further competition
De Rossi’s team knocks out “Milan”
The exhibition of sculptor Mkrtich Mazmanyan, dedicated to Charles Aznavour, will be opened
What is known about Israel’s strike on Iran?
60% of South Korea’s oil is supplied through the Strait of Hormuz
We have not had any destruction or accidents in Isfahan. army commander
Israel struck Iran

“The problem is getting out of the turbulent zones.” Gantaharyan

Radar Armenia‘s interlocutor is Shahan Gantaharyan, an international scholar.

Zakharova, commenting on the RA Prime Minister’s statements regarding the possible exit from the CSTO, said that Yerevan’s policy could create severe threats to the country’s sovereignty. What are the dangers of leaving the CSTO for Armenia?

– A challenging situation has been created. On the one hand, the strategic partner does not carry out its functions, does not evaluate the invasion of Armenia’s sovereign territories, and makes deals with a country that threatens Armenia’s existence; on the other hand, there is no guarantee that the defense of our country will receive an equivalent guarantee. Freezing the membership of the CSTO does not mean leaving that structure and making a sharp transition to another security system. All these circumstances will be taken into account. The whole problem is in security and transit diversification.

Aliyev stated that they are closer to peace with Armenia now than ever. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, has also indicated that he believes Azerbaijan and Armenia will reach peace before Cop 29. After all, what do such statements contribute to the regulation of relations? Are Azerbaijan and Armenia close to signing a peace treaty?

– It is not the first time Baku has voiced such optimism. “It is a sleight of hand to put the responsibility on the Armenian side, to dictate conditions, and then say that Yerevan is not ready. The conditions will be changed and updated. It is Baku’s pressure policy. The United Kingdom has become active in the South Caucasus, specifically with our problem. Let’s remember the visits of British representatives and the statements of the Deputy Minister of Defense.

The CE deputies propose to discuss the possible perspectives of closer EU-Armenia cooperation and even membership. Peter Stano, the spokesperson of the EU FSA, also said that Armenia can apply for EU membership. “The decision on the integration of this or that country depends on the unanimous approval of the EU countries.” Can Armenia claim EU membership when Russia is still present in the region?

– The events have accelerated, and it is clear that they are directly related to the increasing geopolitical competition in the region. Under these conditions, Yerevan’s appeal to the EU should also be considered logically as the EU’s appeal to Yerevan, which is connected with the international community’s policy of neutralizing the Russian factor. This lengthy process will be used in the direction of Western counterbalancing the Russian factor.

– What can you expect from the presidential elections in Russia? Experts claim there is zero possibility that the government will change. What geopolitical developments will we witness if Putin continues to rule the country after the elections?

– Elections in Russia are predictable. There will be tense relations between the international family and the Russian Federation. But politics can be characterized by endless sharp turns. The results of the war in Ukraine and the tense Ankara-Moscow cooperation can cause a new situation. The possibility of a rapid course of events, relationship slippages, or sharp turns should be imagined as scenarios, and projects should be prepared in case of each possible situation. Until then, implementing a balanced policy without destroying bridges should be the entire philosophical basis of the foreign policy of the Armenian side to get out of such turbulent zones with minimal damage.

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