No need to take part in the elections

ANC member Grigor Harutyunyan in his interview to Aravot newspaper noted that there is no need to take part in the elections as it is impossible have change of power trough them.

“We should focus on this. Otherwise the idea of nominating somebody or supporting somebody in the presidential elections cannot be right.”

ANC discusses becoming a party again

According to Hraparak’s information, ANC again discusses the issue of becoming a party. This issue is not new as after the parliamentary elections in May Levon Ter-Petrosyan ordered Gagik Jhangiryan to consider that problem and find a solution.
The thing is that as a party many problems will be solved and the problem of a new leader too. But many new problems will raise at the same time.

Musician Arto Tunçboyacıyan meets the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On January 16, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Diaspora Armenian musician Arto Tunçboyacıyan.

Mr. Tunçboyacıyan briefly represented to Minister Hakobyan the cultural and social activity he pursues both in Diaspora communities and in Armenia, attaching special importance to his initiative to establish an art school.

Minister Hakobyan praised the musician’s activity in Diaspora, pointing out the key aspects and goals of the ministry, particularly those aimed at maintenance of national identity, unveiling Armenian potential abroad, as well as the studies aiming to expose problems of the Diaspora.

“Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia do not participate in the tournament for political reasons”: Director of “Commonwealth Cup”

As it is reported, in”Commonwealth Cup” youth soccer tournament starting on January 18 in St. Petersburg, will participate all the post-Soviet countries, with the exception of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

Director of “Commonwealth Cup” Dmitry Schneider believes that the non-participation of the national teams of the three South Caucasus republics is because of political reasons.

“Unfortunately, no matter how often we say that football is beyond politics, in practice this does not always work – says Schneider.- Three Transcaucasian republics do not participate in our tournament for reasons in this field.”

UN office in Azerbaijan discusses cooperation expansion

Azerbaijani sources report that today Azerbaijani Interior Minister, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov received UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan Antonius Broek.

The minister spoek about the close cooperation between the Interior Ministry and the UN representative office in Azerbaijan. Over 1,000 employees attended various activities in different countries organized at the initiative of the organization.

Then they touched upon crime in the country, reforms in interior bodies and arrangements, and stressed the work conducted in studying international experience, improving activity and increasing operational efficiency within UN related projects.

Antonius Broek highly estimated the work implemented in Azerbaijan and noted that foreigners are freely living and working in the country. He expressed his gratitude to the Interior Ministry’s management.

Rectors of universities meet Serzh Sargsyan

President Serzh Sargsyan convened a meeting, which was attended by Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan and the rectors of state universities.
Head of Rectors’ Council, the YSU Rector Aram Simonyan represented to the President common problems of all the state institutions and their solution proposals, discussed by the Council. During the conference Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of Rectors reported to the President the implemented work assigned at the previous meeting. Rectors of universities presented priority issues, recent achievements and development programs of each university.
Together with President Serzh Sargsyan they spoke about the status of the state’s universities, some of the measures aimed at ensuring quality education opportunities.

Organic continuation of Kocharian’s word

According to the reporter of “First news and Analyses” Musa Mikaelyan, in the context of Robert Kocharian’s reaction over the presidential elections, it was more interesting actor Gor Vardanyan’s reaction over Kocharian’s. The problem is that it seems Gor Vardanyan’s reaction was the corrective of the second President’s interview, in the sense of the term “karabakhtsi”(Karabakh resident).

As we know, the second President announced that he will not run because he did not want to escalate struggle between “two Karabakh residents, two longtime partners”.

There was a remarkable response in this regard that Robert Kocharian uses that concept of “Kharabakh resident”, trying to divide the community, expressing provincialism, etc. Robert Kocharian, probably did not expect such a response, and immediately felt the need to correct the situation, the manifestation of which is Gor Vardanyan’s response.

Musa Mikaelyan also notes one interesting thing in Vardanyan’s response, directed to Levon Ter-Petrosyan, where Gor Vardanyan accuses him for transparently dividing the society into two parts, bringing people to streets and leaving them alone against the system, and staying at home under the state protection. This also can be viewed as proofreading of Kocharian’s words.

Note that Gor Vardanyan was previously in the second President’s security staff. Today, of course, Gor Vardanyan has nothing to do with his circles, but after the second President’s interview, his reaction and greeting of Kocharian’s speech turned out to be very efficient and organic, increasing the aura and atmosphere left in the interview, with which Kocharian probably was very pleased.

Azerbaijani MPs to protest against Strasser’s report at PACE winter session

On Wednesday deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations and Inter-parliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis, a member of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE Sevinj Fataliyeva said that Azerbaijani MPs will protest the report of Christopher Strasser on political prisoners in Azerbaijan at the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

According to her, the report of Strasser, who has never been to Azerbaijan, is an indication of his personal and biased attitude to Azerbaijan and his position on Azerbaijan in the Council of Europe is unacceptable.

“Most of the members of the Council of Europe well know and understand that such reports are backed by definite forces pursuing their goals. If any MP or politician visits Azerbaijan and gets acquainted with the situation, he will understand that Strasser’s report does not reflect the reality,” said Fataliyeva.

Note that Christopher Strasser’s report will be discussed on January 23 at the PACE winter session.
On January 21-25, the winter session of PACE will also discuss the report on Azerbaijan’s fulfillment of its obligations to the Council of Europe, the election of President and Vice-President, the situation in Kosovo, the work of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the state of press freedom in Europe, gender equality, trafficking of migrant workers.

It is time for the option “I’m against everybody”

In today’s situation there is a big question what should do the non-oriented electorate. If some PAP members and a number of village headmen urge voters to elect the RA incumbent president, the Armenian National Congress is looking for solutions elsewhere.
Constitutionalist Vardan Aivazian told “First News and Analyses” that the number of of participants doesn’t matter, it will be perceived as an election, so the number of participating people cannot affect the implementation of the elections, and no matter they will vote for any candidate or make the ballot void.
Head of the ANC’s part, “Democratic Way” party Manuel Gasparyan believes that ANC voters should participate in the elections in any case, so that it would not be done instead of them. He noted that now it is the right time for the option “I’am against everybody”.
“A person wants to participate in the elections, and do not want to spoil the ballot, then he or she should have the opportunity to vote otherwise. But that option was removed, and I do not think that it was the European Union’s requirement. The NA majority removed the option based on their own expediency. ”
When asked to comment on the fact of non-participation in the presidential elections, whether it may be considered as a boycott or not, ANC member said, “Boycott has not been declared, because there would be a problem to note the reasons. The political field has come to this state because the greatest part of economists are in politics,” concluded Manuel Gasparyan.

Artsakh President meets ARF representatives

Today President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan met with ARF Bureau representative Hrant Margaryan.

The meeting was also attended by the ARF Bureau member Georgy Petrosyan. During the reception, they discussed issued related to the domestic and foreign policy of the two Armenian countries and the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict settlement.