Thursday, 18 07 2024
Thursday, 18 07 2024
Azerbaijan rejected the proposal of the Armenian side for a meeting. MFA
Greece may transfer F16 fighter jets to Ukraine
Pashinyan met with the newly elected Prime Minister of the Netherlands
The European Commission can provide another 4.2 billion euros to Ukraine
The Prime Minister is participating in the 4th Summit of the European Political Community
The sculpture of Anahit goddess will be exhibited in Armenia from September 21
It was nice to meet the American-Armenian soldiers from my native California. US Ambassador
Japan will provide a loan of 3.3 billion dollars to Ukraine
Rainfall is expected in most of the regions, air temperature will drop
The referendum on membership in the European Union remains a critical and fateful issue
For the first time in the history of newly independent Armenia
Thiago is already helping Flick, but only temporarily
The Prime Minister arrived in London on a working visit
They discussed the implementation road map of the Armenia-EU agreement
US intelligence revealed an Iranian conspiracy against Trump
“The proposal for negotiations on visa liberalization has not yet been approved.” Member of Parliament
EU countries can’t agree on tariffs on Chinese electric cars
The CE adopted a decision to support RA within the framework of the peace fund
The Council of Europe has approved the start of visa liberalization discussions with Armenia
“The adopted laws move Georgia away from its democratic path.” Miller
Haley and DeSantis have endorsed Trump
Implementation of joint programs with RA and UNECE was discussed
The Georgian women’s team has achieved a historic achievement
“These elections are the decisive battle of the Georgian Dream.” Ivanishvili
NGOs came up with a package of recommendations for constitutional changes
Kobakhidze will participate in the conference of the European political community
Johnson and Trump have met
“Global and regional interests will change in one year.” Ivanishvili
Nikol Pashinyan left for London
Sane does not want to leave; “Bavaria” has hopes for him

The CE expert examined the draft law “On the Guard” in RA

On June 21, the coordinating council of the program “Support to the effective implementation of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Armenia” held a meeting in which Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Arpine Sargsyan participated. The latter, on behalf of the government, expressed satisfaction with the CE for a close and effective partnership.

Arpine Sargsyan pointed out the organic connection between the various programs implemented by the Council of Ministers within the framework of draft solutions and judgments of the European Court, emphasizing that implementing judgments is a means for the Republic of Armenia to ensure the highest guarantee of human rights protection.

The draft law “On the Guard,” developed with the program’s support and already adopted in the first reading, has undergone an international examination by a high-ranking international expert engaged by the CE and received a positive assessment. The expert noted that the law’s adoption will lead to a significant improvement in police activity. The Project especially emphasized the definition of the clear scope of the powers of the future Guard and the provision of the conditions and principles of the legality of the use of force.

“When I go back in my mind, it seems like yesterday that we were planning the drafting of the law on the police guard together, but today, one can say, we are discussing on the ground the version that has already been adopted in the first reading, and it is in an exceptional logic of the law. The Project was developed because we started with the conceptual provisions of the CE. The concept was discussed with our dear colleagues in the political society and the colleagues of the National Assembly, and together, we went from conceptual solutions to legislative regulations,” said Arpine Sargsyan.

Arpine Sargsyan emphasized the active work carried out to address the challenges addressed in the legislative and operational field within the framework of the police sector reforms, emphasizing the conceptual solutions for creating the Guard and the consensus approaches reached around the law “On the Guard.”

Arpine Sargsyan emphasized the importance of employee training, particularly the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, which will allow us to form the correct practice from the beginning regarding the proper application of the legislative regulations in practice. He expressed confidence that continuous practical steps will provide a new qualitative level in close cooperation with the CE.

Project manager Gayane Hovhannisyan presented the work and results carried out during the reporting period and the work plan for the next six months. Maxim Longange, head of the CE office in Yerevan, expressed readiness to continue cooperation. In his speech, he referred to the obligations of the effective implementation of the ECHR judgments and the support for the legislative changes that contribute to them.

Lilit Daneghyan, deputy director of the cooperation programs department of the General Directorate of Human Rights and Rule of Law of the Council of Europe, referred to the achievements recorded during the reporting period.

Maxim Longange, head of the CE office in Yerevan; Lilit Daneghyan, deputy director of the cooperation programs department of the CE human rights and rule of law directorate; Gayane Hovhannisyan, project manager; Levon Balyan, deputy minister of justice; Hamlet Asatryan, president of the criminal chamber of the Court of Cassation; representatives of ministries and interested state structures participated in the meeting.

The session participants had an active discussion. The second phase of the Project has been planned. The Council of State has expressed readiness to continue the effective partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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