Thursday, 23 05 2024
Thursday, 23 05 2024
Nikol Pashinyan showed the 1976 map from the NA podium
“Not a single millimeter of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia was left to anyone else.” Prime Minister
“Armenia’s good relations with Iran are unacceptable for some people.” Pashinyan
RA-EU relations and agenda are reviewed. Minister of Foreign Affairs
“There are adversaries in relations between Iran and Armenia.” Khamenei
Messi, Pique, Ceferin, and Rubiales go through the scandalous case
Putin has set his sights on the island of Gotland. Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces
The question of including the clause on the declaration of Alma Ata in the peace agreement is being discussed. Simonyan
The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the Russian attack in Kharkiv
“We demand that Baku immediately release all prisoners of war.” Wiseler
The Prime Minister of Armenia met the spiritual leader of Iran
NATO experts held a course at the military academy
Resettlement of Gaza was never the goal. Netanyahu
“Aznavour was suffering from the pains of the Republic of Armenia while enjoying fame and world respect.” prime minister
The Prime Minister arrived in Tehran
Sanctions against Georgia are being discussed in the EU
“The tools you’ve used for 20 years will be used against you.” Sukiasyan
Spain and Ireland will recognize Palestine as a state
Nikol Pashinyan is leaving for Iran
Tree Planting Results with My Forest Armenia: The Power of One Dram
Showers and thunderstorms are expected
The USA is interested in expanding cooperation with Armenia
A new program aimed at effective management of human resources will be launched with the US
The president received Kvien and the head of the Washington office of the US Peace Corps
Armenia has joined the joint statement on nuclear security
“Real” was and will remain my last club. Cross retires
The EU will allocate 3 billion euros to Ukraine from frozen Russian assets
The Prime Minister received the deputy head of the US CIA
“This is not a Russian plan, but it is in the interests of Russia” Johnny Melikyan
The US and Israel discussed alternatives to the operation in Rafah

Byblos Bank Armenia celebrates Students’ Day with scholarship recipients

Ahead of the Students and Youth Day in Armenia, Yerevan State University students who received scholarships from Byblos Bank Armenia gathered in a casual setting to meet with the Bank’s CEO, Hayk Stepanyan.

The Bank and the university have a history of successful collaboration. One of the key projects implemented to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bank in 2023 was the memorandum of cooperation signed with the university. During the 2023-2024 academic year, 10 YSU students were granted nominal scholarships of AMD 1 million each, while five others received tuition reimbursement.

May 16 marks Students and Youth Day, as well as the day of the foundation of YSU, which served as an opportunity for scholarship recipients to express how support from the Bank further fueled their motivation.

Following the meeting, Byblos Bank Armenia CEO Hayk Stepanyan expressed his admiration for the students.

“We are very happy for this opportunity provided by the university, which allowed us to meet students who received scholarships from Byblos Bank Armenia. I am impressed by them and I hope that the scholarships will help them achieve their goals. Byblos Bank Armenia prioritizes academic education, and this scholarship program too is in the center of our attention,” said Hayk Stepanyan.

YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan also joined the gathering and stressed that the university appreciates its partnership with Byblos Bank Armenia, highlighting its role in bridging the gap between education and employment.

“In our conversation with the students today, we once again emphasized that this scholarship is also a responsibility, because they should be able to use the results of their education to boost their career in the future. Such collaborations between the university and the employer create wide opportunities for all. I think our students will make the best of this opportunity, and scholarships provided by Byblos Bank Armenia will serve their purpose,” said Hovhannes Hovhannisyan.

The initiative is ongoing. In the coming years too Byblos Bank Armenia will grant scholarships to high-achieving students of the YSU Faculty of Economics and Management.

Prioritizing meaningful social impact, the Bank continuously invests in causes that foster healthy, thriving communities by implementing diverse CSR programs and educational projects.

Details of the scholarship and tuition reimbursement program can be found here.


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