Saturday, 20 04 2024
Saturday, 20 04 2024
Armenia and Azerbaijan resolved an issue at the table for the first time. Nikol Pashinyan
Precipitation is expected, but the air temperature will not change significantly
“There is encouraging news about the border liberalization process.” Klaar
Vahagn Davtyan became the champion and qualified for the Olympic Games
“We are starting a new way of close cooperation with the EU.” Mirzoyan
“The USA is refereeing the Iran-Israel war.” Gantaharyan
Ararat Mirzoyan welcomed the statement of the G7 foreign ministers
Toyota recalls hundreds of thousands of its newest Prius and Prius Prime vehicles
Apple has removed Telegram and WhatsApp from China
India sells missiles to the Philippines
Britain will allocate 150 million pounds to strengthen Ukraine’s energy sector
Iran and Israel will stop direct strikes. CNN
What does Armenia get as a result of the agreements of the demarcation commissions?
The demarcation commissions have reached an agreement on several important issues
The representative of the White House and the Prime Minister of Ukraine discussed the reforms
Nissan presented the new Qashqai
Klopp at the helm of “Liverpool” did not win only this cup
The Deputy Ministers received the Director of the US Department of State’s Narcotics Control Bureau (INL).
The Prime Minister emphasized the development of cooperation between Armenia and Germany
Ukraine may lose at the end of 2024. Head of the CIA
Louis Bono, the adviser on Caucasus affairs of the US State Department, visited Georgia
We are closely following the situation in Georgia. Patel
“Bayer” continues the unbeaten streak and will play in the semi-finals
“Liverpool” wins but is eliminated from further competition
De Rossi’s team knocks out “Milan”
The exhibition of sculptor Mkrtich Mazmanyan, dedicated to Charles Aznavour, will be opened
What is known about Israel’s strike on Iran?
60% of South Korea’s oil is supplied through the Strait of Hormuz
We have not had any destruction or accidents in Isfahan. army commander
Israel struck Iran

Greece will help Armenia as much as it can

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the Minister of National Defense of Greece, Nikolaos Dendias, who arrived in the Republic of Armenia on an official visit.

The Prime Minister welcomed Mr. Dendias’s visit to Armenia and noted, “Dear Minister, I welcome you, this time as the Minister of Defense. I remember your visits to Armenia in the past. We appreciate your connection with Armenia and your commitment to deepen the ties between Armenia and Greece. Of course, you have a full agenda in your new status. I am glad that you have already managed to have effective negotiations and discussions in continuation of the negotiations between me and the Prime Minister of Greece.

Of course, the deepening of our cooperation in various fields is an agenda jointly adopted by our two governments, and I am pleased about it. During my visit, we had the opportunity to discuss our bilateral agenda, even the trilateral agenda. I am very happy that we have a unified approach to what to do in the future, and I am thrilled that we managed to create such a dynamic.

Of course, defense cooperation between our countries has been introduced previously. We have quite a lot of experience here. Still, due to these new circumstances, interest is growing even more, and it is essential to have the proper political will to address these new demands and opportunities and to manage all challenges. Once again, I welcome you and thank you for your visit.”

In his turn, the Minister of Defense of Greece said: “Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister,

First of all, let me convey my greetings to the prime minister of my country, whom you met a few days ago. It was a very effective and successful visit, as evidenced by the meeting minutes. Thanks again for your efforts to strengthen our defense ties.

We extensively discussed this with Mr. Papikyan, who also visited us in December 2023. My visit comes after he visits Athens. This time, we had an efficient meeting, that is, not only in terms of discussions but also in terms of practical steps.

I am sure he will inform you about our upcoming activities. We see ourselves as a country that will help Armenia as much as we can, given our historical ties, also because we are very close countries, and we want to do that.”

The interlocutors reaffirmed the steps for further implementing the previously reached agreements and referred to cooperation in military education and other directions.

Thoughts were exchanged on the processes in the South Caucasus region and steps to ensure regional peace and stability.

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