Thursday, 21 09 2023
Thursday, 21 09 2023
“The reintegration program of Karabakh Armenians is ready.” Hajiev
“It is important to urgently return to a meaningful, honest, and real dialogue between the Armenians of Baku and Karabakh.” Peter Stano
Marukyan appealed to Biden, Macron, Michel and Borell
The territorial integrity of the countries of the region is a red line. Ministry of Defense of Iran
“If it was possible to involve RA in military operations, the main target should be independence.” Nikol Pashinyan
I hope that the Russian peacekeeping contingent will fully fulfill its obligations.” Pashinyan
“The Republic of Armenia did not participate in the creation of that text in any way.” Nikol Pashinyan
“Conditions are being created for the voluntary retreat of the Armed Forces of Armenia personnel.” Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan
The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan issued a statement
DA will be dissolved, meeting in Evlakh; the message of the Nagorno-Karabakh Presidency
The Nagorno-Karabakh Armed Forces will be disbanded and disarmed; presidential
The authorities of Artsakh accept the proposal of the Russian peacekeepers regarding the cessation of fire
The Pope called for an end to the war in Nagorno-Karabakh
“Inclusive and constructive dialogue is the only way to peace.” OSCE Chairman
They are shooting far from Martakert, and the situation is relatively calm; we assume they will evacuate us
The Armenian-American military exercises will end today
Daily prayers will be regularly performed in the churches to support the people of Artsakh
Azerbaijani armed forces use large-caliber artillery weapons against the civilian population. HRD
Citizens of Stepanakert went to the airport, expecting the support of Russian peacekeepers
In Martuni, the Azerbaijani side continues to fire intensively, not allowing evacuation
We are obliged to tell the truth for the sake of the people of Artsakh and the future of the fragments of the homeland, even if it is obscured. Beglaryan
Nothing threatens the Russian peacekeepers. Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan
I call on my fans, the sports world, and media partners to respond and help. Mkhitaryan’s appeal
Ararat Mirzoyan met with the acting chairman of the OSCE
The Intermediate Court of Justice was notified about Azerbaijan’s military aggression in Nagorno-Karabakh
The US is deeply concerned about Azerbaijan’s military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh, the spokesman for the White House Security Council
Mirzoyan emphasized the necessity of an adequate response from the EU and its member states to prevent mass crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh
“I am in close contact with Prime Minister Pashinyan.” Macron
Battles continue with varying intensity. RA DA
Ararat Mirzoyan met the Foreign Minister of Iran and presented the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

Mirzoyan emphasized the need to address the rights and security issues of the Nagorno-Karabakh people

On September 18, within the framework of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, Anniken  Huitfeldt.

The interlocutors expressed satisfaction with activating bilateral political relations, referring to the Norwegian minister’s visit to Yerevan in the fall of 2022. Minister Mirzoyan appreciated the Norwegian government’s support for promoting democratic reforms in Armenia and the country’s voluntary contribution to the 2023-2026 action plan of the Council of Europe for Armenia.

Issues related to RA-EU cooperation were also discussed.

During the meeting, issues of regional security and stability were discussed.

Ararat Mirzoyan presented to his colleague the current security situation in the South Caucasus, stressing the importance of ensuring uninterrupted movement through the Lachin Corridor due to the two decisions of the UN International Court of Justice of February 22 and July 6.

In establishing long-term peace in the region, Minister Mirzoyan, among other fundamental issues, emphasized the need to address the rights and security issues of the people of Nagorno Karabakh. Emphasis was placed on implementing practical steps by international actors to curb Azerbaijan’s extremist ambitions, the threat of force and the use of force, and destructive practices.

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