Thursday, 20 06 2024
Thursday, 20 06 2024
“Innovator Together” Francophone international summer camp will be held in Armenia
Armenia and Lithuania signed a memorandum of cooperation on EU-related issues
Ararat Mirzoyan is in Lithuania
Euro 2024: Meetings of the day
Putin and Erdogan will meet
Armen Grigoryan had a meeting with the French President’s diplomatic advisor
Rain and thunder are expected in most of the districts
Scotland and Switzerland did not decide on the winner
The latest developments in relations with Azerbaijan were presented to the Latvian side
Armenia and Moldova discussed various issues of regional security
US-RA trade has quadrupled: economic ties have never been stronger and there is room for more
Without surprise: Germany-Hungary: 2:0
Yerevan will have a new master plan
Ararat Mirzoyan will leave for Vilnius on a working visit
The Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia met with the adviser of the Prime Minister of France
Ararat Mirzoyan will not participate in the session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of CSTO member states
Taiwan has bought 1,000 military drones from the US
“Turkey will continue to connect the settlement of relations with Armenia with the Azerbaijani factor.” Turkologist
Grigoryan had a working lunch with Macron’s adviser
F-16 fighter jets transferred by the USA will be deployed in Ukraine
Thoughts were exchanged on a peace treaty
There will be no return to political paganism in Armenia. Konjoryan
Israel fired missiles at two military targets in Syria
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan again blamed Armenia
Suren Papikyan left for Luxembourg
Regular Armenian-German intergovernmental consultations have started
South Korea can supply tanks to Poland
577 people died during the pilgrimage to Mecca
Russia and North Korea have signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement
Papikyan and General Mandon discussed issues of military cooperation

Armenian kochari at the UNESCO headquarters

On September 16 and 17, UNESCO celebrated Cultural Heritage Days, which this year were dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the 2003 UNESCO Convention “On the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

Within the framework of cultural heritage days, visitors had the opportunity to tour the Organization’s headquarters, see the art collections preserved there, and, of course, get acquainted with the manifestations of the intangible cultural heritage of different regions.

For this year’s jubilee celebration, out of thousands of traditions included in the list of intangible cultural heritage, UNESCO chose only 6 traditions, among them “Kochari. the traditional group dance”, which in 2017 was registered in the representative list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Along with Kochar’s Armenian group dance, the traditions of Bear Festivals (Andorra, France), Capoeira (Brazil), Rumba (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Flamenco (Spain), and Cremonese violin making (Italy) were also part of the program.

The Organization invited the “Ani” national dance troupe to present the Armenian traditional group dance of Kochar. It is noteworthy that, apart from getting to know the history and advice of the Armenian group dance and enjoying its traditional and modern arrangements, the attendees had the opportunity to learn the basic movements of the dance on the spot and dance together.

So, in 2017, “Kochari. After the registration of “traditional group dance” by UNESCO, the inclusion of group dance in its official program was another manifestation of the appreciation of Armenian intangible cultural heritage.

In the 2003 UNESCO Convention “On the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage,” intangible cultural heritage is characterized as a set of traditions, customs, and artistic expressions, as well as knowledge and skills, which are recognized by certain groups of people and, in some cases, also by individuals, as their cultural heritage. Part of the heritage.

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