Sunday, 01 10 2023
Sunday, 01 10 2023
Many are hungry, exhausted and need immediate help. Filippo Grandi
Azerbaijan should not change or destroy the 1915 Any monument commemorating the Armenian Genocide. Marukyan presented what Armenia demands from Azerbaijan
Precipitation is expected in some regions
“If we wanted to continue, it’s not hard to guess where we could be.” Aliev
“Unbreakable, bright people!” Anahit Avanesyan wrote a post
The EU ambassador to RA expressed his concern about the current situation
98․625 forcibly displaced people are already in Armenia
Arrests of Armenians are taking place in violation of international legal standards. RA HRD
The President of the Portuguese Assembly is ready to help Armenia find solutions
“We are happy we have him; he will be with us.” PSG president about Mbappe
Levon Mnatsakanyan, the former commander of the Armed Forces of Artsakh, was arrested
The US Congress will approve $300 million in new aid to Ukraine
The Azerbaijanis arrested the former deputy commander of the Armed Forces of Artsakh
“Armenians of Karabakh migrate en masse due to Azerbaijan’s military operation.” Peter Stano
The number of forcibly displaced persons from NK has reached 93 thousand
Thoughts were exchanged regarding the regional situation and protecting the rights of those displaced from NK
“The Minsk group would find a solution if they wanted to.” Aliyev
“It is essential to provide medical care at humanitarian stations after a difficult journey.” Avanesyan is in Kornidzor
The UN team is already in Goris. Tents have been installed to serve up to 2,000 people
“We consider the arrest of Ruben Vardanyan illegal.” Armen Khachatryan
The Minister of Health is in Goris to familiarize himself with the medical care provided to victims
The public demands termination of RA’s membership in the CSTO, withdrawal of the Russian military base
Gazprom cut gas production by a quarter
Ukrainian pilots have started F-16 pilot training in the USA
Ritter, together with EU partners, carried out a patrol at the entrance to the Lachin corridor
Suren Papikyan did not participate in the session of the CIS defense ministers in Tula
Idram and VIVA Fund for Armenians of Artsakh
The international group of UN experts will visit Nagorno-Karabakh in the next few days
The number of forcibly displaced persons from the Republic of Kazakhstan reached 88,780 at 10:00 a.m.
Kazakhstan is an important partner of Germany in terms of oil and raw materials

Any confrontation with reality, any recognition of fact, is a step forward. Hakob Badalyan

Political commentator Hakob Badalyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“When I looked at the picture obtained after the 2021 parliamentary election as a step forward, several respectable people were puzzled by that assessment; how is it a step forward if, for example, the “formers” are returning to the parliament?

I have clarified on different occasions that the situation is a step forward because it has come closer to the reality in our social and political life, the picture “on the ground,” the balance of forces. And, in any confrontation with reality, any recognition of fact is a step forward. Only through recording and recognizing reality, facing it can you have a prerequisite for the practical possibility of changing it and modernizing it. Indeed, it is a necessary but not sufficient prerequisite.

In that sense, the day after the extraordinary election of 2021, I expressed my opinion that the process of reshaping that image will begin immediately because it is an image that was obtained under the influence of particular situational factors. Still, these factors will unfold, develop, and transform, and that image will change accordingly.

We see the election of the Yerevan Council of Elders as an intermediate milestone in that process, which is another step forward because it is a reflection of reality. Regardless of the arithmetic result, those steps are essential from the point of view of making conclusions to change the situation. Whoever will be effective in terms of those conclusions and further work, according to that, the socio-political transformation will go along the path of usefulness or crisis.”

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