Tuesday, 30 05 2023
Tuesday, 30 05 2023
A Russian intelligence point has been spotted off the coast of Sweden
Grigoryan emphasized the need for a constructive position of Azerbaijan in the negotiation process
The Prime Minister received the parliamentary delegation of Argentina
Biden and Erdogan talked about F-16s and Sweden’s membership in NATO
The management of the satellite will be carried out entirely from Armenia
Russia distributed 1.5 million passports in the occupied territories of Ukraine
Vahagn Khachaturyan sent a congratulatory message to the President of Croatia on the occasion of the national holiday
It will take about 2 years to prepare and 8-10 years to build. the minister about the construction of the nuclear power plant
“It is important to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;” Michel to Pashinyan and Aliyev
“Dialogue between Baku and Armenians living in former Nagorno-Karabakh is vital;” Michelle
“We welcome Nikol Pashinyan’s brave statement;” EU official
Economic representatives in China, Germany and USA
According to preliminary calculations, it will take about 2-3 years to restore the railway infrastructure; Deputy Prime Minister
The Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired 7 mines from a mortar in the direction of one of the Defense positions
“If the term “corridor” implies a special regime, we will not discuss it;” Mher Grigoryan
Zelensky called on South Korea to supply air defense systems to Ukraine
Tigran Avinyan presented the new buses to EU ambassadors
Kazakhstan can host 400 Russian companies
Repression and persecution are the very tools that Azerbaijan intends to use against the people of Artsakh; MFA of RA
The message spread by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan is misinformation; The Ministry of Defence
The EU may ban Twitter
Rainfall s expected, the air temperature will not change significantly
UAVs in Moscow; two residential buildings were damaged
Putin had a telephone conversation with Erdogan
RA Foreign Minister discussed regional security issues with the Argentine delegation
The President of Azerbaijan threatens to use force to occupy new sovereign territories of Armenia; RA MFA
“How can a reasonable person believe? that Azerbaijan can provide rights and security;” HRD of Artsakh
“Baku is ready to use force, we call to prevent possible military aggression;” National Assembly of Artsakh
RA appealed to the ECHR regarding the kidnapping of Armenian servicemen
The Prime Minister of Spain dissolved the country’s parliament

I am sure that the RAK will continue its political activities more actively in the near future; prime minister

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a message to the 29th Congress of the RLP participants.

“Dear leaders and representatives of the leading liberal party,

I welcome the holding of the 29th regular congress of RLP in Yerevan and express hope that it will give a new impulse to the further activities of the party both in the Motherland and in the Diaspora.

With its century-long activity, the party has served our people and the Motherland, being one of the essential organizations for inspiring Armenians, solving critical national problems, international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, organizing Armenian immigration, and solving other national issues.

This traditional party has always played an essential role in processes of pan-Armenian significance, proving its viability with its history and past path.

The role of organizing political and social life in the Diaspora deserves high praise.

Even today, the government of the Republic of Armenia feels the support and cooperation of the Armenian Democratic Republic of Armenia in solving fundamental problems facing Armenia and Armenia, preserving national identity and language, strengthening ties with the Motherland, and solving other issues.

We are interested in the continuous development of the party aimed at strengthening the unity, freedom, and statehood of our country and people.

Dear Colleagues,

I am confident that shortly, the RLP will continue its political activities more actively to overcome the problems and challenges faced by our people and progress.

I wish the conference participants fruitful discussions and success.”

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