Thursday, 23 05 2024
Thursday, 23 05 2024
Nikol Pashinyan showed the 1976 map from the NA podium
“Not a single millimeter of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia was left to anyone else.” Prime Minister
“Armenia’s good relations with Iran are unacceptable for some people.” Pashinyan
RA-EU relations and agenda are reviewed. Minister of Foreign Affairs
“There are adversaries in relations between Iran and Armenia.” Khamenei
Messi, Pique, Ceferin, and Rubiales go through the scandalous case
Putin has set his sights on the island of Gotland. Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces
The question of including the clause on the declaration of Alma Ata in the peace agreement is being discussed. Simonyan
The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the Russian attack in Kharkiv
“We demand that Baku immediately release all prisoners of war.” Wiseler
The Prime Minister of Armenia met the spiritual leader of Iran
NATO experts held a course at the military academy
Resettlement of Gaza was never the goal. Netanyahu
“Aznavour was suffering from the pains of the Republic of Armenia while enjoying fame and world respect.” prime minister
The Prime Minister arrived in Tehran
Sanctions against Georgia are being discussed in the EU
“The tools you’ve used for 20 years will be used against you.” Sukiasyan
Spain and Ireland will recognize Palestine as a state
Nikol Pashinyan is leaving for Iran
Tree Planting Results with My Forest Armenia: The Power of One Dram
Showers and thunderstorms are expected
The USA is interested in expanding cooperation with Armenia
A new program aimed at effective management of human resources will be launched with the US
The president received Kvien and the head of the Washington office of the US Peace Corps
Armenia has joined the joint statement on nuclear security
“Real” was and will remain my last club. Cross retires
The EU will allocate 3 billion euros to Ukraine from frozen Russian assets
The Prime Minister received the deputy head of the US CIA
“This is not a Russian plan, but it is in the interests of Russia” Johnny Melikyan
The US and Israel discussed alternatives to the operation in Rafah

Aliyev knows that time is not working in favor of Azerbaijan; Gantaharyan

The interlocutor of Radar Armenia is international expert Shahan Gantaharyan.

Last week, the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group of the USA and France were in Armenia. According to you, what did that visit mean?

– The OSCE Minsk Group is revitalized, but this is only part of the format. The mediation format was dismembered, but it was not disbanded de jure. It does not work as a unit, but co-chairs are appointed. Indeed, the OSCE Minsk Group is being transformed into a platform for the distribution and coordination of the roles of the collective West in the direction of the South Caucasus. Let’s remember that the American co-chair combines the positions of the head of the US South Caucasus paper and the co-chair.

In this context, we should mention that Aliyev said that the OSCE Minsk Group wanted the Karabakh conflict to be frozen forever. What is the Azerbaijani side trying to understand with such rhetoric?

– I think Azerbaijan is worried about the movements of the collective West in the South Caucasus. Baku has agreements with Moscow through Ankara and is now in a hurry to carry out its tasks within those frameworks: Zangezur Corridor, delimitation-demarcation, the peace agreement, and points derived from this task: mutual recognition of territorial integrity, dissolution of the Artsakh defense army, etc. The West-Moscow competition or aggressive tendencies hinder the process of fulfilling Baku’s tasks.

Aliyev announced yesterday that there is no obstacle to achieving peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia. How do you think it could be understood?

– This is a means of pressure and a simple message to the international family that Azerbaijan wants peace and has proposed a project. He also wants to say that Yerevan agrees with Baku’s plan. It is equivalent to a statement of haste. Aliyev knows that time is not working for Azerbaijan, so he is in a hurry.

– RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that they need to send an international fact-finding mission to Karabakh is becoming more urgent. How realistic is the implementation of this?

– The international family is trying to get involved step by step. The sending or planning of observational, fact-finding, needs-study, interagency or similar missions is evidence of this. The US ambassador’s visit to the beginning of the Berdzor corridor is also noteworthy. Especially when we take into account the parallel statement of the Secretary of State that the US should do everything to resolve the Artsakh conflict, and the deployment of the UN fact-finding mission in the Berdzor corridor in the Artsakh territories will be the first step in the involvement of the international family in Artsakh. Such a move with Baku’s consent will avoid obstacles. And this will be a card in the hands of Baku, not only Baku but also Ankara’s relations with Moscow.

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