Wednesday, 22 03 2023
Wednesday, 22 03 2023
The US has decided to transfer old models of Abrams tanks to Ukraine
“Foreign presence cannot ensure peace and stability in the region,” Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran
“Putin and Xi Jinping did not discuss the Ukraine peace plan,” Peskov
Argishti Kyaramyan received the US ambassador
The leaders of Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to an EU peace plan
The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has spread another misinformation, RA Ministry of Internal Affairs
We call on Azerbaijan and Armenia to ease the tension. US White House
Nikol Pashinyan visited the office of the Security Council
“We want Ancelotti to be appointed coach of the Brazilian national team as soon as possible,” Ederson
For decades, the authorities have been in the role of beggars
China is not an “impartial mediator” in the Ukraine war
Peace does not reach Azerbaijan
Exports of liquefied natural gas from the US to the EU have doubled
Azerbaijan opened fire on citizens carrying out agricultural works; Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs
190 million children in Africa do not have access to clean water
Tigran Avinyan will meet with the residents of Nork-Marash on March 23
Protests continue in France
Lars Road is open to all vehicles
The EU may apply sanctions against the pro-Russian oligarchs of Georgia and Moldova
Gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh has been blocked again
A telephone conversation between Blinken and Aliyev took place at the initiative of the American side
They exchanged thoughts on the development of the capital market in Armenia
There is a shortage of blood and medicine for the civilian population in Crimea
Possibilities of expanding cooperation in the fields of water, energy, and road construction were discussed with AFD
The Spanish Seville fired the head coach
The Prime Minister and members of the Bundestag discuss the peace agenda
“China provides diplomatic cover for war crimes to Russia.” Blinken
Precipitation is expected in some regions, air temperature will rise
The German chancellor does not believe in an early end to the war
Erdogan has officially registered as a candidate for the president of Turkey

The first session of the dialogue between Armenia and the European Union on political and security issues was held

2023 On January 26, the first high-level session of the RA-EU political and security dialogue was held in Yerevan, co-chaired by RA Deputy Foreign Minister Vahe Gevorgyan and Deputy Secretary General of the EU’s European Service for External Actions Enrique Mora.

The one-day meeting reflects the interest of both sides to promote political dialogue and cooperation in the foreign and security policy field as the next important step in RA-EU relations.

The parties addressed the critical security issues for Armenia, the European Union, and the wider region, particularly the challenges facing European security, as well as issues related to the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, including the growing humanitarian concerns associated with the blocking of free movement through the Lachin Corridor.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, Vahe Gevorgyan, noted, “Armenia is happy to host the first session of the RA-EU political and security dialogue, an important format for discussing a wide range of international and regional security issues. Armenia expects strong cooperation with the EU mission in Armenia in monitoring the international borders of Armenia. Armenia values all mediation and promotion activities to establish peace and security, which is essential for the territorial integrity of Armenia, the rights and security of the Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Enrique Mora, Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service of the EU, noted, “The EU is making significant efforts at the highest level to contribute to the comprehensive settlement of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. A few days ago, we established an EU civilian mission in Armenia to strengthen stability, human security, and confidence building on the ground. The first session of the RA-EU dialogue on political and security issues launched today expresses our mutual interest in expanding cooperation in foreign and security policy issues and our willingness to work together for the benefit of peace, security, and stability, especially in the current international context full of challenges, which Ukraine characterizes with Russia’s war”.

During the meeting, Armenia and the European Union confirmed their commitment to work for a safe, stable, peaceful, and prosperous South Caucasus to benefit all people in the region. In this context, the parties discussed the upcoming deployment of the civilian mission approved by the EU Foreign Relations Council earlier this week. Through its activities and reports to be submitted to the EU leadership, the EU mission in Armenia will also contribute to the efforts led by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

During the comprehensive exchange of views, the dialogue participants also discussed the situation in the wider region, including the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey and issues related to hybrid threats and other security issues.

RA-EU dialogue sessions on political and security issues are planned to be held regularly, on an annual basis.

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