Wednesday, 22 03 2023
Wednesday, 22 03 2023
The US has decided to transfer old models of Abrams tanks to Ukraine
“Foreign presence cannot ensure peace and stability in the region,” Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran
“Putin and Xi Jinping did not discuss the Ukraine peace plan,” Peskov
Argishti Kyaramyan received the US ambassador
The leaders of Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to an EU peace plan
The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has spread another misinformation, RA Ministry of Internal Affairs
We call on Azerbaijan and Armenia to ease the tension. US White House
Nikol Pashinyan visited the office of the Security Council
“We want Ancelotti to be appointed coach of the Brazilian national team as soon as possible,” Ederson
For decades, the authorities have been in the role of beggars
China is not an “impartial mediator” in the Ukraine war
Peace does not reach Azerbaijan
Exports of liquefied natural gas from the US to the EU have doubled
Azerbaijan opened fire on citizens carrying out agricultural works; Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs
190 million children in Africa do not have access to clean water
Tigran Avinyan will meet with the residents of Nork-Marash on March 23
Protests continue in France
Lars Road is open to all vehicles
The EU may apply sanctions against the pro-Russian oligarchs of Georgia and Moldova
Gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh has been blocked again
A telephone conversation between Blinken and Aliyev took place at the initiative of the American side
They exchanged thoughts on the development of the capital market in Armenia
There is a shortage of blood and medicine for the civilian population in Crimea
Possibilities of expanding cooperation in the fields of water, energy, and road construction were discussed with AFD
The Spanish Seville fired the head coach
The Prime Minister and members of the Bundestag discuss the peace agenda
“China provides diplomatic cover for war crimes to Russia.” Blinken
Precipitation is expected in some regions, air temperature will rise
The German chancellor does not believe in an early end to the war
Erdogan has officially registered as a candidate for the president of Turkey

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized cooperation with Germany

Environment Minister Hakob Simidyan received the delegation led by Victor Richter, Ambassador Extraordinary, and Plenipotentiary of Germany, to Armenia. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister Aram Meimaryan, the Armenian representative of the Rehabilitation Loans Bank (KfW) Zara Chatinyan, and Alla Berberyan, the team leader of the “ECOserve” project jointly implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) with partner ministries.

Welcoming the colleagues in the Ministry of Environment, the minister stated once again that the Federal Republic of Germany is the best partner of the Republic of Armenia in terms of support for the development of the sector. With the help of the German government, many projects are being implemented in the field of environment, aimed at the development and establishment of the industry, with a rich agenda and target priorities.

“The Republic of Armenia is proceeding on the path of establishing democracy, and the institutionalization of state departments is among the priorities of the Government. In this context, reforms are underway in the Ministry of Environment. In terms of institutionalization of the ministry, steps are being taken in all directions. We expect the support of the German government in this agenda as well,” the minister noted and presented the ongoing works in more detail.

The minister mainly referred to the critical process of developing strategies in the field of the environment and expected active support and participation from partners during their development and implementation.
Expressing gratitude for the reception, the ambassador noted that environmental protection is not only one of the priorities of Germany’s internal policy but also one of the most critical components of international relations and foreign policy.

At the meeting, reference was made to the most extensive grant program, “Biodiversity and sustainable local development in Armenia,” the total budget of which currently amounts to 26 million euros, “Protected Areas Support Program-Armenia,” “EU4Sevan” for environmental protection of Lake Sevan, “Science for Lake Sevan” creation of management tools based” (SEVAMOD1) to the Armenian-German scientific research programs.

Deputy Minister Aram Meimaryan presented the current situation. He planned works for each project and referred to the grant funds provided by the Caucasus Nature Fund for more than ten years, aimed at supporting the protection of nature-protected areas of the Republic of Armenia, implemented by the “World Wide Fund for Nature” (WWF). “Support for the creation of ecological corridors” regional program. The deputy minister also highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany and recorded positive progress within various programs.

Reference was also made to the presentation of the environmental agenda during the expected high-level intergovernmental negotiations. The parties have appointed responsible persons who will work in that direction. At the end of the meeting, the parties reaffirmed their readiness to ensure further mutually beneficial and comprehensive cooperation in all the priority directions within the framework of Armenian-German cooperation.

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