Friday, 27 01 2023
Friday, 27 01 2023
Azerbaijan accused Iran of not ensuring the security of the embassy
Demonstrators in Tehran demand to open Lachin Corridor; Azariha
Today we are witnessing a severe humanitarian crisis in Nagorno Karabakh; Armen Gevorgyan
We fully understand the seriousness of the situation. The Venice Commission on the Blockade of the Lachin Corridor
The first session of the dialogue between Armenia and the European Union on political and security issues was held
Energy security will be increased through investments
Nikol Pashinyan congratulated the Prime Minister of New Zealand on taking office
The first domestically produced drones were tested in Georgia
Lars is open to all vehicles
Australian Open Championship; Karen Khachanov loses to Tsitsipas in the semi-finals
Three more patients from Artsakh were transferred to Armenia
“Real” wins another dramatic game to advance to the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup
Nuland announced the conditions for canceling sanctions against Russia
The newly appointed US ambassador was sworn in
The PACE Bureau will discuss the preparation of a report on the Lachin blockade
The USA is not in favor of the statement of November 9, 2020, signed with the mediation of the Russian Federation. Deputy Speaker of the State Department
Weather without precipitation is expected
The first photos of the Coca-Cola smartphone have appeared on the Internet
The Netherlands supports the rule of law in Armenia
“The EU should intensify its efforts in the South Caucasus,” Member of the Bundestag
“120 thousand people are waiting for the reaction of the international community,” Vladimir Vardanyan
An iceberg the size of London broke off in Antarctica
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized cooperation with Germany
Where in Europe do most people over 100 live?
“The humanitarian situation in Nagorno-Karabakh is a reason for growing concern,” Prime Minister of Iceland
The Russian Federation notes that Yerevan preferred the EU and not the CSTO
The latest developments in the process of regulating RA-Azerbaijan relations were discussed
Zelensky revealed what weapons are needed to defeat Russia
“I don’t think EU observers will be a serious obstacle for Azerbaijan,” Armen Baghdasaryan
Deporting Karabakh Armenians from their homes is not the only goal of Azerbaijan; prime minister

Due to the blockade in Artsakh, 490 citizens were deprived of the opportunity to solve their health problems through surgery

According to the newsletter of the Artsakh government, due to the intervention of the Azerbaijani side, the failure of the only high-voltage power line feeding Artsakh from Armenia and the periodic gas supply cuts have caused severe problems with electricity supply.

Actual electricity supply is currently carried out at the expense of Artsakh’s limited internal resources due to the system being overloaded, and the number of accidents is increasing.

The bulletin also presents the statistics of the 44th day of the siege of Artsakh.

Twelve children are in the children’s hospital’s neonatal and intensive care units.

Eleven adult patients are in the intensive care unit, and 4 of them are in critical condition.

Already 161 children have been born under the siege.

Four hundred ninety citizens were deprived of the opportunity to solve their health problems through surgery due to the suspension of planned surgeries in all medical institutions operating under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Artsakh.

Until today, 46 patients were transferred from Artsakh to Armenia with the mediation and accompaniment of the International Committee of the Red Cross to receive appropriate treatment.

Due to the difficult economic situation, at least 4,700 people initially lost their jobs and source of income.

More than 17,200 tons of vital goods would have reached Artsakh if not for the blockade, during which the International Committee of the Red Cross and Russian peacekeeping troops delivered only a small part of it.

Forty-one kindergartens, 56 preschool groups, and 20 long-day educational institutions have been closed wholly or partially since January 9 due to the worsening food shortage under the blockade.

Six thousand eight hundred twenty-eight children can no longer attend kindergarten, preschool, and long-day school, being deprived of the opportunity to receive appropriate care, food, and education.

Since January 18, all 117 schools in Artsakh have been closed due to heating and electricity supply problems, depriving more than 20,000 children of their right to education.

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